Open up your eyes and see.

Monday, October 29th, 2018

ABC: Yukking it up with interviewee. Originally Posted by Harold14370 I like how you always talk about Fox news. Very conservative networks that run the conservative stories on their “news.” Not only that but the right owns the AM bandwidth on the radio as well. You think you own gay and black people, and they’re not allowed to have their own opinion.

It’s the only channel that doesn’t toe the Democrat party line. Does Fox do puff pieces? Constantly. Wow, just incredible your filter is. It keeps everything positive. And you want to tell me ABC is conservative? Come on. The media is not “liberal” not even close. Open up your eyes and see.

Now compare to the Robin Roberts interview of Hillary Clinton.Hillary Clinton interviewed by Robin Roberts| GMA Anchor Interviews Hillary Clinton 2014 – YouTubeRoberts is laughing and joking with Hillary, beaming like a schoolgirl. Totally unprofessional. Originally Posted by grmpysmrf Originally Posted by Harold14370 Originally Posted by grmpysmrf YPuff piece on Chris ChristieChris Christie on a 2016 Presidential Run: ‘I’ll Consider It’ | Fox News Insider Now there’s what a real journalist looks like. (more…)

Evolution is against both the bible and science.

Monday, October 29th, 2018

As well as the sound moral guidelines of the bible. Evolution is against both the bible and science. But einstein certainly was never against the possiblity of god. Richard dawkins type athiests are rare , as inside all of us is a need for answers and god to most people seems to sensible one.

Einsteins quote; science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind How do you come to the conclusion that he was an atheist, or agnostic? Jan. Evolution is against both the bible and science. I am unware of any quote from Einstein which can be construed as a total repudiation of the concept of God in it’s entirety.

Apologies to the threadstarter for diverting, but whenever an atheist sees fit to fabricate Einsteins quotes, they must be stopped and questioned. I think this is the way of many agnostics, they are unsure whether God ‘exists’ but certain that religious works, books, scriptures etc are nothing more than man-made speculation. We see a universe marvellously arranged and obeying certain laws, but only dimly understand these laws. (more…)