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Lemon Street Antiques-Bartley

501 Lemon St
Bartley, NE, 69020
Tel: 308-962-4669
Facebook Page: Lemon Street Antiques-Bartley

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Vintage antiques and collectibles, salvaged materials, and sweaty old junk!

Selling antiques, collectibles, and vintage, sweaty junk that we salvage and/or find! We have old windows, doors, sinks, cabinets, galvanized buckets and tubs, glassware, screens, furniture, trunks, and other unique items. 

Contact us at:
John: 308-655-0301
Gina: 308-962-4669

Nice antique wardrobe!...
Details: Image, Added 05/08/15
Just in! Great for planting flowers!...
Details: Image, Added 05/08/15
Metal Chairs
Vintage metal patio chairs!...
Details: Image, Added 05/08/15
Love Seat
Antique Mission Love Seat...
Details: Image, Added 05/08/15


501 Lemon St
Bartley, NE, 69020 - 308-962-4669, USA


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